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Fund  Management


Fund Management solutions:

  • Active Fund Management

  • Passive Fund Management

  • Discretionary Fund Management

Active Fund Management


Active Fund Management refers to a portfolio management strategy where the manager makes specific investments with the goal of outperforming an investment benchmark index.
The effectiveness of an actively managed investment portfolio obviously depends on the skill of the manager and research staff, but also on how the term active is defined. Many mutual funds purport to be actively managed and stay fully invested regardless of market conditions, with only minor allocation adjustments over time. Other managers will retreat fully to cash, or use hedging strategies during prolonged market declines. These two groups of active managers will often have very different performance characteristics.

Passive Fund Management

In Passive Fund Management, investors expect a return that closely replicates the investment weighting and returns of a benchmark index, and will often invest in an index tracker fund or exchange traded funds. The idea is to minimize investing fees and to avoid the adverse consequences of fund managers failing to correctly anticipate the future. By tracking an index, an investment portfolio typically gets good diversification, low turnover and extremely low management fees.
Discretionary Fund Management

For investors wanting someone else to take full responsibility for their investment decisions, you have the option of choosing Discretionary Fund Management. Using this option, a manager can make changes to all portfolios quickly and easily ‚•£ause they don't have to ask permission from investors, and it can also be at lower cost if changes are made in bulk.


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